So you’ve found the person you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve thought it over, and you want to go the traditional route, and surprise her with your proposal.

After browsing through a few styles of rings you thought might intrigue her, you then begin to realize that rings do have sizes, and you have not committed your partner’s to memory.

So then you ask yourself: How can I find the right sized ring for my fiancée, without her finding out?

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Anyways, there are several methods one can go about obtaining the ring size of their significant other. These are listed in order of ease:

  1. Find one of your fiancées existing rings, and measure it against our ring sizing guide (make sure to print the guide to ensure accuracy).
  2. Buy her an unrelated ring, ask if it fits, if it does not, ask what the correct size actually is. The most common ring size is six, so start from there. If she does not know what her size is, ask her to use our ring sizing guide.
  3. Find one of her rings, draw a circle on the inside of the ring on a sheet of blank paper, and measure it against our ring sizing guide.
  4. Ask her friends (subtly if necessary) if they know her ring size. This may or may not work depending on individual relationships.
  5. Take one of her rings from her secretly (use discretion with this), and bring it to a physical jeweler for sizing.
  6. Print out our size guide, and measure it against your partner’s ring finger while they are sleeping. This is only advised if your significant other is a heavy sleeper and/or you are a super sleuth.

Hopefully this knowledge will help guide you towards finding the right size ring for your fiancée. And if the size just happened to be too small? Well offers free returns on all undamaged items.

Either way, we at wish you, the reader best of luck in your romantic pursuits!